Lord Can You Hear Me?

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7 Responses to Lord Can You Hear Me?

  1. ouremuk66 says:

    Loving the cold calling defence programme! Seriously though, hoping B is full of painkillers and soon back to full health. The appendix is a nasty wee bugger.

  2. lyndzeerae27 says:

    You’re right, God is always a tricky one when it comes to kids!
    That does sound like it was quite the week, but glad to hear B is okay, and on the mend.
    Thank you for sharing this story, it was a good read.

  3. Shanell says:

    Oh my. What you went through! Both my children have had surgery and it is stomach wrenching to watch them wheeled away on that cage/hospital bed.
    I hope B has a quick recovery. Share some wine with your wife and relax. You made it through that one.

  4. sue phicox says:

    My goodness – I hadn’t realised how much your blog has made me identify with your family until I read this with my heart in my mouth. H has had a couple of medical procedures requiring GA and I well remember the feeling of seeing him being ‘put under’ – horrid. Glad he’s OK now. We also have varying degrees of ‘shit’ in our house (though my husband used Category 1 for a computer malfunction the other day which really threw me).

    The issue of being able to describe pain is such a difficult one. We haven’t had to experience it yet in a serious context, but did rush H to our local Minor Injuries unit a fortnight ago when he suddenly appeared unable to put any weight on his left foot. When I asked ‘Where does it hurt?’ he just repeated ‘hurt’ while waving his hand vaguely in the direction of his lower leg. We packed up a huge bag of distractions with which to endure the promised hour’s waiting time, carried him to the car and set off for the hospital. On opening the car door he leapt out and ran perfectly normally across the car park – and so, on viewing a reception area packed with young men on crutches and learning there was suddenly a three hour wait which the distractions bag would definitely not cover, we took him home. Am thinking it was probably cramp…

  5. dinkyandme says:

    Bless, poor kid, and poor you as parents!
    I have a 5 year old, and I could not imagine having to watch her go into surgery…
    I wish him all the best and that he is back to himself soon xx

    (I feel your pain with the baby m, we have Simba, and he was left at school all weekend as we had a major meltdown on the way out Friday. The weekend was not fun! We also lost him on the way to the zoo… So I have spares, I would see if you can get a duplicate if you can. All you have to do is find a way of explaining how he got so clean, and why you can’t get him that clean…)

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  7. shona says:

    hope he gets better soon

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