Louis Smith and Other Friends

This post is now available in the ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ ebook available to download from Amazon.

LWAAS 3d book cover

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5 Responses to Louis Smith and Other Friends

  1. alesiablogs says:

    Great great post. My son Luke is autistic and I have been telling people who engage with him all the time that he is autistic. I really was not trying to put it in a positive light. It was more like a warning to the person. You have taught me a new way to look at it!

  2. MrsGuyMartinIwish says:

    Aww, this was sweet. Your little man sounds charming.

  3. StephsTwoGirls says:

    Fab. That play centre guy sounds lovely. All it takes is the right person to actually take time with our children and all is calm and happy. It’s the people they come across who have the ‘issues’, not our children. I often say, it’s my girl with ASD who is happier and more sociable and just gets on with her life rather than my ‘NT’ girl…. must work on that NT issue 🙂

  4. downssideup says:

    I found you via StephsTwoGirls and am glad I did. This is a lovely post, funny and informative too. Our Natty has DS and that is such an obvious condition to all who meet her. And yes, just like you now, we engage with as many people as possible to leave them viewing that little extra chromosome in a different light, never making excuses for it.

  5. C's Dad says:

    Great post! I can relate to most of what I have read from you so far. The word “Austim” has just now been applied to my son. I am still learning how to “get to him”. He is now 4 years old and very “functioning”. I know he understands what I tell him, but cannot communicate much back to me.
    Thanks for the blog as it is helping me understand autism.

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