World Autism Awareness Day 2014 – Free Book Giveaway

WAAD-UN-lsThis year’s World Autism Awareness Day has special resonance for my family. By coincidence, the day also coincides with my son leaving mainstream education and moving to specialist provision at an autism base attached to a primary school. This comes after a lengthy period of struggles with local authorities for funding and support, increasing difficulties in school and the realisation that our autistic six-year-old boy is able to cope less and less in a standard classroom set up.

But rather than being sad about the move, we feel it is a cause for celebration. World Autism Day for us is not just a chance to spread awareness but also a chance to celebrate the fact that specialist support is available and an opportunity like this is open to our boy. Spreading awareness can only help make that support even more available. I hope so.

I’d like to support the day by offering free downloads of my book ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ from Amazon UK and Amazon US. It will be available for a limited period from Sunday 30th March up to and including World Autism Awareness day on Wednesday April 2nd.

Thanks x

B’s Dad


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2 Responses to World Autism Awareness Day 2014 – Free Book Giveaway

  1. helena1002 says:

    Thank you for this update on B. I have been an avid follower of your’s since we first realised our son was autistic (he is a year younger than B). This was the only blog my husband would read!

    I am so pleased that B is getting a chance to have an education suited to him and his unique needs. My own son attends a special school and while it was a shock to the system being told your son is so severe he cannot be educated in a mainstream setting it has been the best decision we ever made.
    There is more and more research being done showing that ASD children need the learning environment only a specialist school can provide.
    The NAS are hoping to open more and more ASD-Specific schools for the High-Functioning kids for this reason.

    Good Luck to B for the future!

  2. aspermum says:

    Hi, I’ve been following since my third child was diagnosed (read as 3 for 3). It’s great to hear you are getting the support you need. #3 starts kinder next year and its still fingers crossed for the intensive kinder & preprimary program run at our local school. Theory is two years of intensive help and she can then go mainstream. Will see how it goes. Good luck with the new start and I hope it’s everything you are looking for. Also Amazon will not let me buy your book because I’m in Australia. Maybe you could expand your sales area after Wed? 😉

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