Inspirational Posts

From time to time I stumble across blog posts that are brilliantly written, inspirational and offer a perceptive insight into the world of autism. In other words, blog posts that I wish I’d written myself! I want to share these posts. This page is a space to compile those posts as I discover them, starting with a very wonderful post from Rebecca Mitchell’s Loving Martians site:

Autism Blindness

I could have chosen pretty much anything that Rebecca writes but this one really stayed with me and is very thought provoking. Enjoy.

On the Job

I reallly recognise this situation. Thanks, My So-Called High Functioning Life.

Sharing Stairs and Stims

Another dad blogger! We’re a rare breed. A great post from ASD Dad. The rest of the site is also worth reading. Great photography too.

Autism: How and When to Educate Others

A thought provoking piece from StephsTwoGirls.

More to follow soon. Please get in touch if you have a post that you’d like me to put here.

B’s Dad


3 Responses to Inspirational Posts

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  3. Matt Weiers says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey myself and the world. It has provided me with a relateable story to my own, and given me much comfort and support. I am a father of a 2 1/2 Boy who was diagnosed on the spectrum last month. My wife and I have and suspicions for a while now but the confirmation came as a deep blow to me. I spiraled into a self pitying state which did no favors to myself or more importantly my wife and wonderful son.
    A few weeks in I found your book on amazon while looking for basic knowledge and support material and it has reopened my eyes to the beautiful person whom I share responsibility for. Thank you for helping me cope with my mourning for the life I thought I would have and instead embracing the unexpected joy of the life that I have. Thank you also for putting words to my feelings of loneliness and isolation, even from my own well intentioned family. Just knowing that someone else on this planet had an experience similar to mine made my despair soich more manageable.
    Please keep doing what you are doing. It has helped me embrace my life and made the last month immeasurably better for myself and indirectly my son. Thank you again.

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