The ‘M’ Card

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6 Responses to The ‘M’ Card

  1. Lynn says:

    I am so sorry….but I have to admit….at the “Are you strange”, I burst into laughter, and still chuckle as i type this…

    Sounds like you handled it really well

    suggestion to “stranger danger” “what is a stranger”…and to explain…since M is obviously important, so to speak, maybe you could suggest “stranger danger” is the kind of person who would steal/take away/not allow a Big Mac?…– i could see that would also have draw backs, especially on the day he no longer likes M, but…

  2. I wanted to discuss some of the funny bits of your latest post with L because I was laughing when he came in. I got as far as ‘I’ve been reading B’s Dad’s blog…’ but L burst in with dramatic Italianate gesticulations and said ‘What? Why are you reading about a dad who is a Bee?? A humungous bee …’ he carried on ranting and the monologue continued for a while with no place to interrupt – then he left as dramatically as he had entered.’

    Anyway – you write amusingly about a difficult and scary topic. The positive flip side is an independence eg L will happily go to ice cream vans, serving counters and shop counters , inc McD’s 😉 to order food but his big sister is often more shy. G also found L taking a lost boy to the ice cream van to hand him in to an adult the other day. I find his independence great ( as long as I’m there to pretend not to be monitoring closely). He is 8 so older than your son but I bet you will find similar as your son gets older!

  3. bluejays93 says:

    that was a very interesting post. I love your attitude towards this. its so hard not to get furious with your son but at the sametime they do this so innocently that they don’t realize the danger in all of it.
    The mcdonalds thing always works good until they get too old for being persuaded with that. keep up the good work.

  4. dinkyandme says:

    I love the ‘M’ card!
    I think I use Netflix as my power..
    Embarrassing or tricky situation
    “So…. What shall we watch in Netflix”
    Distraction and off we go!

  5. Shelly says:

    I just love reading your blogs. You always seem to talk about the things that are on my mind. We had a terrible incident this week with O doing a runner from a hotel garden. He’d managed to escape unnoticed by lots of adults and was found 20 mins later,having great fun jumping in and out of the lake! Scary stuff. He also goes to strangers like they were his best friend, especially if they are holding the sacred iphone! We’re in the process of looking for some sort of hidden ‘tag’ system!

  6. age919 says:

    Why can’t people just answer the question. Honestly, I feel like our kiddos have the better social skills sometimes. Would it kill people to take a second to answer a child’s question? Thank god for the grocery store clerks who without fail talk to my children and answer their creative questions.

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