Pay Attention!

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10 Responses to Pay Attention!

  1. bluejays93 says:

    very good article. ya i used the same. that my child was naughty or when she would twirl in circles on the floor we thought it was just cute. now with having a great understanding i now know what that really was about.

  2. ouremuk66 says:

    It was initially suggested that M’s behaviour was, basically, bad parenting or naughtiness. It would now seem that almost every behaviour since birth has been sensory instead. And you practically the only other person I’ve heard mention Olga Bogdashina – what a woman! I was lucky enough to go to one of her conferences and I learned more in a day that I did in the previous 5 or 6 years.

  3. Chris says:

    Yes I have two autistic children in Year 1 and 2 respectively and I do find that having an autistic child with me will get me to the front of any queue. However I have not yet got any one enrolled in keeping elephants on the top floor of a tower block. Nevertheless at the last parents meeting with the school when the report was produced, the author said that it was a real pleasure to have written the report as he had made so much effort to progress. Do I have any takers for elephants on the top floor of a tower block?

  4. M says:

    The other day I read that a well known FTSE 100 company wanted to employ 100 autistic adults to work with them in a technical field because of the way they are able to “apply” themselves to certain technical tasks.
    This gives me hope that the world is starting to see the differences in our brains in a positive light and appreciating how we can learn from one another, even when people don’t fit the mould.

  5. While reading this post it really struck me about your talk of central coherence issues in autism. I recently had a conversation with some others about prenatal sonography as a potential environmental trigger of autism, ..and one of the symptoms of ultrasound is that it jiggles nerves around. There have been studies that show this in mice – here’s a citation:

    I’m really concerned about the possible connection between coherence issues and early development neural scrambling like that… :/

  6. Emily's Dad says:

    Great article, very interesting.

  7. Yes! Before my son was diagnosed, I’d ask myself way is he so naughty and why does he behave this way. After his diagnosis I was
    able to understand those things better. Now knowing what I know about autism. I take a different approach now.

  8. J Wilson says:

    thank you for this. it is now just making me think that I know someone who has a sort of mild version of this. a lot of this rings true and repeated behaviours which have for years caused us problems and get put down as bad behaviour may possibly not be that at all. HOwever as probably only mild I suspect no-one would ever believe me but I will perhaps bear this in mind.

  9. ‘naughty’ or ‘hyper’ or ‘bad parenting’ all of them have been used for my children. It makes me frustrated.

  10. dave says:

    very interesting blog

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