Get Moving

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7 Responses to Get Moving

  1. ackers72 says:

    sounds so familiar, shall try and do the same. my son loves being outdoors and doing things and stuck inside lots doesnt help his moods i don’t think so new bike for his birthday next month and both of us out and about lots more.

    my son is almost 8 and diagnosed autistic so your blog is a great and close to home read thanks (my best friend whos a speech and lanuage therapist showed me your blog)


  2. Rich B says:

    Nice to hear from you again. I agree with your thoughts on exercise. It just felt innately right to take a walk outside every day or so with our 4 yr old. Positives are the stimulation to the senses as well as the physical side of the exercise. It also gives me one on one time where we can focus on one another.

  3. We had the virus too and I’ve now been ill since Monday 10th of december (I had to check back on a calendar and am startled). It was the bug from hell and went on to cause an ear infection which no amount of treatment is clearing so I am now suffering from hearing loss (hence lack of blog posts for ages). L’s school too was virtually empty in the last week before the holiday. L had meltdowns leading up to Christmas because of the sheer anticipation of wanting to open the liong anticipated and expected Playmobil Lion Knight’s castle. He has been sweetness and light ever since, telling us constantly how much he loves us. We have even managed a lovely trip to the local shopping centre just for shopping. Unfortunately comes school again next week and with it always an increase in anxiety and tension. I hope your knee is improving despite the inability to rest and that the start of term goes smoothly.

  4. StephsTwoGirls says:

    You made me laugh again, thanks 🙂 maybe we should have a competition to see who can lose the most weight first? Bit of motivation? Coz this is definitely the year I’m going to do that, and I definitely didn’t say it last year… or the year before…. 😉
    Exercise great for mine if we can actually persuade her out – as in, she goes out when she wants to, thank you very much. My resolution this year is to get her to the new climbing wall that’s opened, as she seems keen on those…. just got to find a time when there’s no-one else there of course!

  5. I just adore reading your blog, makes me smile every time. Keep up the good parenting 🙂

  6. Great post and it also made me smile. Happy exercising! 🙂

  7. Very interesting reading. Both of my children have ASD. I ran my daughter ragged as a child. (She has severe autism) From the age of two I made her walk to and from my son’s playgroup twice a day. A 15 minute brisk walk for me but 25 for her. This was through need because I didn’t have transport. She is twenty now and walks extremely fast (faster than me). Son plays football twice a week, goes to the gym and plays badminton. It does work. Their behaviour is better if they exercise regularly and they sleep better too. When my daughter was made to use council transport after moving to a special school – her self stimulating behaviour increased as her distressed behaviour increased – this was due to lack of exercise before class. Groans of despair would follow my ‘let’s go for a long walk’ demands on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day but it was ignored – they would come back shattered but happy to sit and play x

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