A Christmas Gift For You

phil-spector-a-christmas-gift-for-you_frontBit misleading that title. Sorry. We’ve been putting the Christmas decorations up to the traditional accompaniment of Phil Spector’s ‘A Christmas Gift For You’ album (at least we were until the kids changed the song to bloody Gangnam Style!) and mince pies.

I do have something to offer though. Up at the top of the page is a new link called Resources. It contains a couple of downloadable resources I got from my local Autism Outreach service. I’ve sent these to several people recently, so I thought I might as well make them available to anyone who wants them. Hopefully this new page is something I’ll be able to add to in the future.

The first is a PowerPoint presentation aimed at children with the purpose of explaining autism/aspergers. We showed it to our eldest and I’ve seen it used in assemblies, to good effect.

The second is a list of proprioceptive activities for the sensory seeker. It complements the sensory diet I wrote about in the blog post Desperately Seeking Senses.

Hope they are of use. Feel free to share them.


B’s Dad

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One Response to A Christmas Gift For You

  1. Very clear and simple presentation. Thanks for sharing, this will be useful to many.

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