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8 Responses to Obsession

  1. momshieb says:

    Your post made me think of so many kids I have known and taught over the years! How lucky your son is to have you in his life.

  2. bobbi jones says:

    OMG!!! As I read your blog out loud to my husband, our 8 yr old is having a tantrum about the #68 car (he is obsessed with cars having numbers on them including NASCAR). My hubby and I each call each other (we work alternate shifts) to see if the other know where a car has disappeared to. We have three sons and the 19 and 11 yr olds are often enlisted in the hunts. His main obsession has been numbers. Anything with numbers. If someone in public is wearing a tshirt with a number on it… forget it..he MUST get up close to it, staring, entranced. Hes far beyond his grade and years with math since hes been doing algebra since a tot. I wish you and your family the best on your Austism Spectrum journey. I hope your son and mine and countless others can someday gain employment by companies that utilize these unique gifts.

  3. caffieneplease says:

    Your son doesn’t like Thomas??? I’ve got the entire Island of Sodor in my son’s bedroom! Your boy has saved you lots of money!

  4. Sarah says:

    My son is obsessed with bouncy castles and balloons, pumpers, we have a amazing collection!

  5. Zoe says:

    My son didn’t connect with Thomas at all but he has developed an obsession with watching every episode of Desperate Housewives which is OK with me!

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  7. kellimorton says:

    My son who has Autism never focused on Thomas or any other train either, but boy is he OBSESSED with specific action figures…not the ‘normal’ way, but with the way they fit in his hand, and how their arms and legs move, how they fit into his hand. Also Lego minifigures, their arms have to fit this way, heads can’t move but so much, etc…or else it’s a massive meltdown. Meltdowns over the way something fits into his hand (it’s touching my finger in the wrong spot, etc…). we own 3 of every Star Wars figure, and he says he want’s 3 of every Star Wars Lego minifigure…..it’s quite an interesting but very blessed life we live! 🙂

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