The Autism Diet (main course)

This post is now available in the ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ ebook available to download from Amazon.

LWAAS 3d book cover

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2 Responses to The Autism Diet (main course)

  1. Autism Mom says:

    “you choose your battles, as my wife always says.”…Yes, yes, and yes! That’s what I say all the time. ; )

    Thank you very much for great reading as always!

  2. alexcparsons says:

    Your post definitely rings a bell with the mess we have at feed times! Only this evening, my son (10yrs old,
    diagnosed with Aspergers, PDA, ADHD) finished eating his dinner, had a sweet given to him for his birthday (instead of pudding) and then, whilst munching on the sweet, put is fingers into a bowl of pickled ginger and started munching on that. Beggar’s belief really!

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