May Contain Nuts

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7 Responses to May Contain Nuts

  1. Oh God, B’s Dad n Mum,
    I hope he’s feeling better and that YOU BOTH are okay!!?? My daughter hasn’t got an allergy, so it was a shock to read about… Hope B gets well soon. god Bless him always!

  2. B's Dad says:

    Thanks. All back to normal today x

  3. StephsTwoGirls says:

    How scary for you. Glad all is now good. Yes, it’s amazing what they can actually cope with at any given time, that’s one of the things that always amazes me, the inconsistency of it all. Makes life interesting, doesn’t it?!

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  5. My autistic twins are allergic to leafy greens of all things! and milk, egg, etc. There was a possible allergy to nuts with one of the twins, but it was discovered that he is NOT allergic after he woofed down my entire jar of mixed nuts one evening. He IS however allergic to the unsmoked cigarette that he decided to eat one day after finding my husband’s open pack which apparently had fallen out of his pocket. The assumption by myself and the allergy doctor is that tobacco is a leafy green…. :/

  6. I also meant to say how glad I am that B is okay 🙂
    and how much I appreciate your blog which I just discovered tonight. My 14 year old daughter was treated for ADHD from age 6 to 13 before she was diagnosed with Aspergers (after her 4 year old fraternal twin brothers were diagnosed: one with PDD-NOS and the other with classic Autism).

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