Question Time

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8 Responses to Question Time

  1. Neil N says:

    Hang in there. You’ll find the words for the right answers when the time is right. We’ve had our oversharing moments as well, but I too am grateful for the inquisitiveness. Excellent post.

  2. Questions begin in the mind, and answers are found in the heart. Someday, your little boy will, I’m sure, KNOW how much you love him. JUST as he is. In fact, the best thing about being a parent is that we celebrate our children as they are.
    -justanothermumwith an ASD child

  3. M says:

    Lovely post, almost like a mark in the sand moment. Long may the questions and funny answers continue.

  4. Rebecca Mitchell says:

    Slight guffaw! Last week I had ‘Mummy come and look. Willies are amazing aren’t they? They get really big and you can bend them…’ Uuuum, yes L. ‘So are you ready to get out of the bath and have a story then?’ 😉

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  6. Nikki Parsons says:

    Your blogs make me laugh much as I can really identify with so much of what you are saying. I wish my ex would try to understand my sons issues more. He is in complete denial and because of this has to see T in a contact centre as he believes the way to deal with it is to smack and shout. I’m now having to fight him in court instead of putting my energies into fighting for my son. One day when all the court cases are dealt with (fighting a will dispute too) I too will write a blog and hope they help people like yours is helping me. Thanks hunni xxx

  7. One of my twins calls his testicles, eggs. “look mommy! my peepee has eggs!” I laughed quite awhile over that one.

  8. Brent says:

    Very touching. Your boys are very lucky!

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