Back to School

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13 Responses to Back to School

  1. Anita says:

    Very sharp intake of breath for us this year as S sets off as a year 2 in a specialist school, complete with minibus transport so no school run but extra tears for me!!!
    It’s funny seeing everyone on facebook desperate to get their kids out of their hair while I am desperate to keep my next to me!
    Hope next week goes smoothly for all of us 🙂

    Anita x

  2. Lots to laugh at again – poor cow and booby raspberries stick in my mind 🙂 I’m half way through writing a similar post, although as i’m not so anonymous I can’t put some of these thoughts in mine – like the ‘poor cow’ bit, and yes, I’m pretty sure that the rest of the class were decided around my girl, and we always know before the others which teacher she (and therefore they) will be getting etc. Anyhow, here’s hoping your back to school goes OK – tell your wife that as long as she’s not started hitting the bottle at 9.05am, she’s doing really well 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    I really hope B settles back into school life ok. my son is back at playgroup 3 days per week. he doesn’t know it yet he is completely oblivious to whsts going on around him. Only this term he will be going back with (pretty much) a diagnosis..although the big meeting isn’t until mid Sept we (and the specialist team assessing him) are quite confident on his diagnosis. im hoping now that nursery staff will take us seriously when i insist he needs watching every second he’s in their care.

  4. One thing I do for my boy (who started school in January this year) is to write an ‘all about me’ document. It’s written in first person and yaks about everything from his sensory preferences to toileting requirements and indicators of stress, particular behaviors and how to help him calm down when he gets upset. It’s been really helpful and I can just update it when necessary. Good luck for the new school year!

  5. Tania says:

    As the parent of two boys with autism, the stares, teas, fears, anxiety, the not looking forward to pick up, are all too familiar. The best thing we ever did was move them to a specialist school for boys who ‘learn differently’ where they have lots of friends and are still challenged academically. We still have struggles in the morning but they’re now 14 and 13 and thanks to the specialist environment they’ve had for the last five years they have a bright future – it won’t be plain sailing but still.
    It’s been a tough road but we’re still here, though sometimes, I’m not sure how!

  6. Kerree says:

    You’ve basically ticked all the boxes in this post. I feel exactly the same, although my son enjoys school and is looking forward to going tomorrow I am terrified of how it’s going to be this year for him. I have to wait till October for his review but I’m not hopeful that he’ll be staying there. Basically a favourite phrase is “his needs are extremely complex.” ho-hum.
    Good luck with it all parents!

  7. B's Dad says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories everyone! It’s the night before the first day of term and we’ve already had a few tears and a tantrum. I’ve calmed down now, though…

  8. Al says:

    Really looking forward to hearing how he has got on. My son is also in year 1 too. I feel both relief and dread!

  9. Nikki Parsons says:

    Your blogs are great and so relevant for me and my son. I can’t take my son to pre school and pick him up with everybody else. I have to take him in late and pick up just after everybody has left. He’s a ‘runner’ and this is becoming worse. My childminder and mum really struggle when collecting him. I’m just in the process of changing my job. I’m longhaul cabin crew and am trying to change to shorthaul to take the onus off my mum who looks after him when I’m away (boo there goes my me time 😦 ) When I read your blogs it’s like someone is writing about my life. Can you believe that the CAFCASS officer we have appointed from the courts (access battle withy ex) is trying to say the reason T is like he is is because my job is emotionally damaging him not because he has autism. Because she’d medically trained – NOT!!!!! Every day I get up and commence battle. I’ve just started doing some techniques with the clinical psychologist which have had some success. I’m focusing on just one thing (getting him dressed) and ignoring everything else so it’s not so overwhelming. It’s working but I still think I’d need to whole day to address every issue like this and I’d never get out the front door in the morning lol xx

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