Off and On Days

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8 Responses to Off and On Days

  1. solodialogue says:

    I’m glad you published this. You are human, imagine that! I too, have had my share of days like this, knowing from the moment my son woke up, I should call it a day. And I’m not June Cleaver or Mother Teresa so, of course, I feel like a “bad” parent, at times too. But those days are fewer for me as my son grows.

    Our children lead us through so many emotions but I think if I added it all up, it would be obviously overwhelming that there is a fulfillment in my life which makes me richer than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ll bet you feel that way too.

  2. Lovely post. You are right sometimes we dwell on the negatives and spend time beating ourselves up. I’m glad you’re having a good time. May the off days be few & far between 🙂

  3. Bet you also have those days that start off as an ‘on’ day but switch inexplicably after a short amount of time to the ‘off’ day. Extremely difficult to flick the switch back then, with autism, but sometimes, just very occasionally, it can be done even when you thought it couldn’t (can you tell what sort of day I’ve had?!). The moral is the same as yours – never give up hope 🙂
    p.s. and you’re not still caring about the starers are you?! 😉

  4. @joannah123 says:

    I so feel this blog, its the type I want to write on days like today, when my 4 year old son runs and runs and runs…..he’s been doing it since 9am, oh and he was doing it until 3 this morning, as well as shouting his demands at me. I’m tired, I understand x

  5. Faye Forster says:

    Think we all have bad days some are worse than others… My little guy sounds very similar to B but my little man’s non verbal (will be 4 in October) so where B gets annoying with silly questions I’m wishing for that to happen to me… Anyway you sound like a fab dad so don’t beat yourself up over ‘bad’ days and ignore the stares they must have pretty sad lives to want to poke their noses into ours!! Xx

  6. I did chuckle ruefully at the fact that some bits were edited out!

    Remember to keep on upping the amount of supportive elements in both your and your wife’s lives. Anything that could possibly count as mental health care is vital!! If it makes you feel happier then that’s the thing to do.

    I love the ‘what time is that nettle?’ question, your son has a wonderful sense of humour.

  7. B's Dad says:

    Thanks for the replies everyone, they help me to keep things in perspective. B has gone easy on me over the last couple of days, with only a dispute over his use of the phrase ‘For fuck’s sake!’ causing any problems. Don’t know where he’s got that from…

  8. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    Oh, my heart went out to you on the “off” day. Parents of children without disabilities cannot possibly understand what we go through. Stupidly, I am sensitive to what others think, and their glares can hurt. I want to scream HE CAN”T HELP IT! but I don’t. I stand there quietly, letting the humiliation sink in. Like the time we stupidly tried to take our 3 year old with autism to DisneyWorld and his tantrum lasted through out the whole flight….WHAT were we thinking????

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