The Lost Boy

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6 Responses to The Lost Boy

  1. This has made me laugh as usual, thanks 🙂 Funny actually, as I was about to blog about my indoor play place experience today – look out for that one soon! Our elder daughter is and always was a ‘clinger’, but number 2 girl is definitely the ‘uncontrollable wanderer’. Or at least, SHE is in control, if you get what I mean. Ho hum. Glad he found the toilets OK and that you were not upset over losing him 😉

  2. Rebecca Mitchell says:

    Made me laugh too. Woke up at 4.45 am today which is a bummer as the children were away overnight. Read this as I made my Earl Grey. L went missing in the park this week. Well, I was totally relaxed, sitting with two other mums while all the kids played. I knew that my two were in the play equipment areas and hadn’t really been watching. One of the other mums suddenly said ‘I can’t see L (my son), we can’t find L.’ It was more shocking to witness someone else’s panic about my own son and it raised my own adrenalin levels more quickly (partly because I felt I should do the done thing and panic so that I didn’t look uncaring to the other mum who was panicking on my behalf). All the children started to scream his name, big sister M looked like she was about to faint with anxiety and then L appeared calmly from one of the concrete tubes you can crawl through. he likes sitting in them. He looked very confused to emerge to a sobbing, hysterical gaggle of people. L doesn’t stray far at the moment and tells me off if he moves any distance. I can’t imagine letting L walk to school alone though when he goes to middle school in a few years. It is quite likely he would just go somewhere else if he didn’t fancy school. Joys to come.

  3. Louise says:

    Thanks for making me laugh, a good start to the day! We are braving Hyde Park tomorrow for the Triathlon so this has reminded me never to keep my eye off him as his favourite trick is to get lost in Bristol zoo, they must be used to us by now!

  4. This made me laugh. I have one that can do a disappearing act as well. You always have to be on your guard don’t you

  5. Dear B’s Dad (n mom!),
    Thank you for the insightful, witty and heartfelt posts you write; they put my mind at ease, telling me I’m doing okay as a parent of an ASD (possibly) daughter, who always does the opposite of what I say/ ask of her/ need her to do! This post, in particular, made me look back on the countless times she dissapears in public, (leaving me with a golf-ball sized lump of fear in my throat,) and think. Hard. I’m not going loopy,. ‘disappearing acts’ are the kids’ favourite bit, their bid to assert their increasing independence, if you will. A rein of sorts is a good idea for a holiday! As are little wrist bands with your name and number in case of emergencies. all I hope and pray is you and your family have a terrific holiday, and BTW, congrats on B’s triumphant conquering of the CAN NOW poo-in-a-proper-toilet situation!! Public toilets are the last hurdle and he seems to have sailed through amazingly well!!! God Bless him!

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