A Weekend Away

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9 Responses to A Weekend Away

  1. Glad you had a nice weekend. I definitely think its better to have lying grandparents / child sitters than not being able to get any at all. It sounds as though they are doing it with all the best intentions. I know how your wife feels about not knowing what to do & loosing the ability to relax & do nothing.

  2. Yet again it feels like you’ve read my mind and written a post for me. Can you see inside my four walls or something??! We also had the pleasure of grandparents babysitting recently, and I don’t think it makes you a bad person for wanting them to see the difficult side of life too (well that’s what I tell myself…). My poor mum looked shattered, but still managed to say that the girls were darlings and SO good. If I didn’t know the truth of what went on I’d think they were saying I was just a rubbish mum. They were just lucky they caught our younger girl in an extremely good mood 🙂
    Oh and how your wife felt? Yep, know that feeling too. Men are just born lazy 😉

  3. Rebecca Mitchell says:

    Thanks for saying such positive things about my blog because I leapt over to look at yours and laughed so hard at the first few lines of this post that both the kids came in to see what i was laughing at. I read it twice because I haven’t laughed much over the last few weeks and it did me good. I really could relate to so much of that and could picture the rest as if I was there. Wonderful blog 🙂 – it’s in my reader and i just need everyone to sod off out for an hour so i can read all the back-posts.

  4. I actually managed not to call back home to mine when we were at Coldplay at the Emirates last Friday… hope you enjoyed it, all the same. I think it is SO important to get away as a couple every now and again, even if I get fidgety too with nothing to do. I think it’s a mother thing, because at home there is ALWAYS something to do.

  5. Angie says:

    My husband and I have recently started getting a babysitter (no grandparents local, unfortunately) just for 2-3 hours once a week after the kids are asleep. Our boy had terrible sleep issues in the past, and if we don’t get bedtime exactly right, he doesn’t go down. We text our sitter once he’s gone into his room with his dad, and she gets here about 20min later. We go out and shoot pool for about 2 hours, just talk, and we’re tired, but it’s so nice to go out somewhere casually. It’s the night I look forward to all week.

  6. monaghanmammy says:

    I so enjoyed this! I’m delighted you have such great grandparents in your life. They are precious (and sadly rare). I hope you have many more breaks away XXX

  7. B's Dad says:

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to read, comment and join me in celebrating those times when we’re ‘off the hook’ for a few hours or so. We are very lucky to have such generous, understanding grandparents to look after the kids. They have never said they couldn’t. Mostly, the kids love being looked after by them (who wouldn’t love a lawless, consequence free 24 hours?)!

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  9. seventhvoice says:

    I’ve just nominated you for a blog award for your amazing posts. If you would like to accept just click on this link http://seventhvoice.wordpress.com/ and copy the award to your blog.
    Cheers 7

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