Overnight Success

This post is now available in the ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ ebook available to download from Amazon.

LWAAS 3d book cover

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6 Responses to Overnight Success

  1. Amanda Crozier says:

    Amazing – I think we will be doing the hotdog with our DS tonight!

  2. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry but I laughed several times whilst reading this 🙂 I do really hope that the good spell continues – you know it’s got to end at some time though, right??!! Sorry to put a dampener on it…. now you can blame me instead of yourself though 😉 let’s hope it doesn’t go from Hot Dog to Jumping Frog (geddit??!). I’ll curse myself instead now… we are also lucky on the sleep front -once she’s gone, she’s gone til early morning – although like you had it, it can take a while and an age of refusals first. I also have no idea how we would manage any of this with real sleep deprivation, so long may it last….

  3. I’m thrilled to bits for you and your little boy! Sleep is a bit of a nightmare (so to speak) in our house, and you’ve given me some great ideas.
    Really laughed at the hotdog and sauce image! XXX

  4. This is fantastic news. I hope you all continue to sleep a little better.
    A really interesting post, the hotdog and sauce image is a little bizarre but I understand why it works. So pleased it has helped you all.

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