Awkward Moments

This post is now available in the ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ ebook available to download from Amazon.

LWAAS 3d book cover

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2 Responses to Awkward Moments

  1. It is because you are a better person that you are able to go through this situation. Stay strong!

  2. stephstwogirls says:

    I agree, I’m very rarely embarrassed by my ASD daughter any more, it’s just part and parcel of life. In a way I actually like the fact that she’s different – why DO all those other ‘NT’ children conform like lemmings anyway?!! But yes, adults get embarrassing and there is nothing worse than not knowing what people are saying about you behind your back. That’s why I’ve told everyone about my girl – I sent a short email to all parents in her class. Sure they can still whisper about me, maybe in a pitying kind of way, I don’t really care about that. But at least it’s not chinese whispers about my girl, they can’t make up anything about her coz the facts are there for them. Maybe it would help if you print a few posters out for your school??!! 😉

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