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6 Responses to Holidays

  1. stephstwogirls says:

    Oh yes. Been there done that too, and threatened the ‘D’ word on holiday more than once (us ladies can be v cruel 🙂 . The key, I’ve found, is not to hope or plan to do anything for yourselves. Eating out – yes every night as long as it’s Maccy D’s (we’re on holiday, doesn’t count, right?!). Sleeping in the same room? An impossible mission. Always have high hopes that the grandparents will come up trumps – but geez, they want a holiday too! How selfish. Anyhow will keep fingers crossed for you that you get your night off… 😉

  2. cathmae says:

    Your post gave me a chuckle! Only because our family has lived every word you wrote!

  3. Zoe says:

    When we tried to pretend my son wasn’t autistic we went to Portugal and the irony is he remembers it as a wonderful holiday and mentions it often. For us it was hell. The hotel was a death trap and our son fell off a bar stool and broke his arm and it was his birthday. To cut a long story short I had to go in an ambulance to the hospital many miles away and was terrified as I don’t seak Portuguese. My husband faints at the mention of a needle so it was out of the question that he go. When my son and I finally got back to the hotel we had a row because my husband had a go at me for not watching him and I wasn’t having that because as you know supervising an autistic child all the time is impossible and accidents happen. Anyway, we are still married (just). Hope you have a great holiday and if something does go wrong – shit happens – the sun will go down and the sun will come up again in the morning – life goes on.

  4. B's Dad says:

    Well that adds new meaning to the phrase ‘a break away from home’! Thanks for sharing your pain!

  5. jn says:

    This is us! It’s amazing how you manage to stay together in this kind of environment – you just do. You just get by don’t you? It’s comforting to hear we’re not alone… although sad that someone else is going through the same 😦

  6. Neil says:

    On my hols with 20 yr old son and loved your piece
    Weve tried allsorts on holidays but son gets difficult at all the changes going on

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