A Helping Hand

This post is now available in the ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ ebook available to download from Amazon.

LWAAS 3d book cover

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3 Responses to A Helping Hand

  1. Your first few paragraphs made me laugh out loud (please note that I did not use an acronym for that involuntary response) and I even read them out to my husband – a rare thing indeed :D. He and I are counting down the hours until we can send our oldest Little Person to school for all of six hours, our middle Little Person to nursery for three and I can try and remove the cat food/chairs to climb/lid-less pens/stack of CDs/cat poo etc out of reach of our youngest Little Person before he creates as much mischief on his own as the three of them armed together. Mostly though I think he’s counting down the hours until HE can escape back to work and leave me in a quivering wreck.

    Your last few paragraphs made me all teary and emotional (possibly due to the Wilfred Owenesque figure I have also become). As difficult as I find life with ‘neurotypical’ kids, it can’t compare to the battles you deal with, and you’re spot on with the reassuring knowledge that a helping hand is available to you, and that someone else gives a damn too.

    • Oh, yeah…my boys love the cat litter box for some unknown reason. The nonverbal twin finally said something about the litter…he said one word excitedly, “SAND!” I now know what he needs for Christmas besides the NABI tablet (I bought for him despite being broke)…a sand box!

      • B's Dad says:

        I was dreading taking my son on holiday to the beach this year. He was in the midst of his sand eating obsession so I thought we might have all sorts of problems on our hands. Oddly, he didn’t try eating the beach once, and hasn’t really done so since!

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