Reasonable Adjustment (Part One)

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6 Responses to Reasonable Adjustment (Part One)

  1. You’re not asking for anything unreasonable at all. Our school has a similar dogged water vs juice policy. I’m lucky in that my ASD girl will only drink water; howver my older NT girl would only drink juice. With my older girl I was happy to abide by school rules – she could understand that she had to have water whether she liked it or not. As a consequence she drank much less than she should (and still does), but it didn’t affect her behaviour. If my ASD girl needed juice, then hell yes she would get it, whether the school liked that or not! It’s such a big difference, difficult to explain why, or for others to understand I guess. I sympathise with the teachers wanting everyone to conform, but with our children it just ain’t gonna happen, much as we want it to.
    As far as breakfast club goes, I’m sorry but I have a feeling that because it is classed as out of school hours, I don’t think they have to provide extra support. But then maybe someone who is well versed in the DDA can come along and tell you otherwise? Hope so…
    I only had a day between our parents evening and the 6 month review (see my blog!); I think you’re right, time to take things in and reflect is a good idea! Review was fairly straightforward this time though, thankfully.

  2. I really love these honest insights into your family’s life.

    I don’t think you are being unreasonable, especially with regards to the juice. The breakfast club might be a bit more difficult. I suppose you and the school will just have to see how it goes.

  3. helena1002 says:

    Hi, first time commenter here.
    Good luck with the water battle, I think you’re in the right there but it will take alot of convincing the school.
    Regarding the pre-school breakfast club, could you get some help from a trainee TA? Our Primary School has several students who are taking the TA course at the local college doing unpaid work experience as part of their course. I’m sure many other schools are the same (free help, yes please!). Maybe one of your’s has an interest in SEN and would be able to be with your son, it’d be fantastic work experience for them and nice for your son to have another adult at the school he can get to know and trust (hopefully!).
    If your school doesn’t have any trainee TAs then contact your local college and see if they know anyone suitable.
    Another option might be a childminder just for the hour before school, again a couple of friends use them for their NT kids. You might find one prepared to help with your son and you could claim childcare credits then.

  4. B's Dad says:

    Thanks for the support and advice everyone. School are digging their heels in over the water issue, unfortunately. Watch this space.

  5. helena1002 says:

    Another thought – did you see the study done last year that said milk is actually better at rehydrating children than water? Is it a possibility that the school could allow him milk instead? Assuming he’d drink milk that is.

  6. My twins drink soy milk due to allergies. The twins are both in special needs pre-kindergarten class (of course I am here in Manchester, Georgia, USA). The twin who is “more autistic” (for lack of a better word) won’t drink anything but this. Our school said this fine but we had to provide it until they could find a vendor to provide the school with soy milk. The problem is…they don’t give him enough to drink. So he isn’t filling his bladder enough. His twin is potty trained for pee but not poo, but he isn’t for either really because he just doesn’t “go” enough for us to get him on a good schedule…uggh!

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