Leaps and Bounds

This post is now available in the ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ ebook available to download from Amazon.

LWAAS 3d book cover

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5 Responses to Leaps and Bounds

  1. So happy for you! I work with kids on the Autism spectrum teaching summer camp, and I love seeing the progress they’ve made during the year, especially knowing that these triumphs don’t come easily.

  2. Louise says:

    Really good to hear he is doing so well

  3. cumulus says:

    Good to hear. I think that’s a fascinating point, about language being like a foreign language – very true!

  4. I really like the analogy about language being like learning a foreign language for people with ASD. I think sometimes we think that language is just tricky because theres no social desire to communicate for people with ASD, and we forget that speaking is actually a difficult skill to learn. Well done B, what a brilliant little boy he is!

  5. What a lovely, lovely post. So pleased for you and your family!

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