Social Stories

This post is now available in the ‘Life with an Autistic Son’ ebook available to download from Amazon.

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4 Responses to Social Stories

  1. Louise says:

    Hi, over the summer we went through an awful period where my son was hitting other children randomly around 10 times a day. We used a social story which worked brilliantly, now he rarely hits at all, when he sees another child he will sometimes quote from it. I’m about to write one for “staying close” as he is a runner, wish me luck!
    ps. my toilet social story didn’t work either, I guess for the same reasons you mention above.

  2. Spectrum Mom says:

    I bought a Carol Gray book on Social Stories because my son’s school uses them and he does very well with them. I have not wrote a social story so far though. He only uses them when change is coming. Last week every teacher that he works with went to an autism conference and his teacher wrote a social story to help him remember what to do while the substitute teacher was in. He was perfect 🙂 I do not institute any change in his daily life often enough to use a social story yet…

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