Eye contact

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3 Responses to Eye contact

  1. The difficulty is and always will be doing the right thing and not giving a sh*t what anyone else thinks. We don’t have to be lemmings but it’s hard when we are expected to be and all of sudden one of the lemmings is dancing to their own tune. I imagine, but I don’t know, that your son cares about what he thinks more then he cares about what other people think and that is something he can teach us all – to live with the confidence of our own convictions especially if it means we are dancing to our own tunes. Here’s to many more lovely weekends..

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  3. sarah carrick says:

    I can really relate to this & espcially about smiling naturally, my son is probably the happiest child in his class (when he’s not having a moment) & everyone comments on what a great personality he has.

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