Birthday boy

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4 Responses to Birthday boy

  1. Just read this page on your blog. Your doing a great job, and documenting what you feel. It helps so many other people out there who are struggling with youngsters who are different from others. I remember speaking to my mum about my daughter, we suspect she has Pathological Demand Avoidance. When she was two I was struggling, in fact some times it feels like a constant battle. My mum said to me when she was 2 its just a phase, she said the same when she was 3. She is now 5 and my reply at 3 was Katie constantly in a phase she moves from one to the next. A daily battle. Thanks for sharing your experience. Jess x

  2. bullet says:

    Happy birthday to your son :). Thomas, my older son, didn’t have a clue about birthdays really until he got a bit older and even this year he only said what he wanted when he was prompted. He didn’t seem to get very excited or bothered about the day, though he will tell everyone he meets he is now eight years old.
    Jacob, who turns 6 next month, doesn’t appear to understand at all. Either that or he’s not bothered in the slightest. We are still going to have a good day with him though.

  3. V says:

    You just articulated how we felt in March when Alvin turned 4 much better than I ever could. And once again reading your post I cried due to seeing everything you talked about in relation to my son. For his birthday since we had just moved across the country we kept it low key and got him a cake with his favorite character on it. He was in heaven and on a sugar high and seemed to enjoy the treat.

    I can also relate to your wife. I delivered Alvin early and I have constantly blamed myself for somehow causing it. Most days I’m ok but I know how hard it is to hold onto the guilt.

    I love reading your insight since my son is close to your son’s age.

  4. Elaine says:

    It’s my words exactly! Everything you are describing…My son is turning 4 this month and I am just confused. I don’t want to treat him different. Thanks for your blog

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