Your brother is autistic

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3 Responses to Your brother is autistic

  1. Virginia says:

    With our youngest almost 2 I have often questioned when she gets older how we would tell her about how her brother is different. After reading your post I am in no way worried. All she knows is him and and that he is her big brother. I’m sure there will be a day when we explain it all, but for now I am just letting her admire him because he is the big brother.

  2. Lynn says:

    What a wise boy indeed. It took me much longer to learn that they are still the same child that they were before the label is slapped on them. They will benefit so much from each other. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I’m honored to be in your blog roll!

  3. Spectrum Mom says:

    We went through this last year after Adrian’s diagnosis. It took me months before I could go to a support meeting! It wasn’t that I was in denial. I am not sure why exactly but like you said I think I was just not ready. Our oldest child is nine. She was told about her brothers Autism a couple of weeks after diagnosis. She immediately started to tell me of other children she knows that have autism. She is the first to let people know why her brother is acting odd if they ask her about it and she try’s to explain Autism to everyone. She is her brothers biggest fan!! I was worried that him being different would scare her but she has a positive attitude and that really helps. She doesn’t see her brother as different either. He is just her brother. He’s the same as he always was! I wish the best for your family!! Thanks for the post!

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