Specialist Early Years Service

This organisation were like a Rapid Response Unit for B. In no time at all there were observations taking place at both nurseries, home visits, phone calls etc. This intervention came at the right time- we were starting to ask, ‘Who can help us?’ Just knowing that something (anything) was happening offered comfort, particularly given the non-commital nature of our first paediatrician meeting. The person assigned to B was very good and we felt happy that support was available.
How useful it has ultimately been is questionable. Following about three observations, a report was written. It summarised discussions that had taken place, observations and came up with conclusions and recommendations. The observer was generally encouraged by what she had seen of B, noting many positive qualities.
The thing is, both B’s nursery and we as parents feel that they did not get the full picture about B. There’s a feeling that he was caught on good days, and they didn’t witness first hand some of the more concerning aspects of his character.
On a good day, B still demonstrates lack of communication, interaction and difficulty with understanding. But he can also engage in activities, follow some routines and use appropriate language. So if you catch him on these days, the situation looks different.
A couple of weeks after the observations, B was having a difficult week and nursery commented that they wish SEYS could have been there then to get a better idea of what the problems can be.
Consequently, nursery are now, on a daily basis, recording positive and negative behaviour throughout the day. Hopefully this will serve as additional useful information when we go for the next paediatrician appointment. Nursery have been brilliant throughout all this.

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2 Responses to Specialist Early Years Service

  1. Baboos says:

    We have our first visit from the Early Years Inclusion Support Services next week, they have proposed a four week assessment, both at home and pre-school. I too feel that they won’t see the real him from a few hours. We will see.

  2. B's dad says:

    I hope it goes well for you. If it helps, we provided SEYS with notes about B and as it says on this post, pre-school kept notes on his positives and negatives too. I always felt SEYS had their own agenda when dealing with the case but ultimately we were right to be pushy. At one point we said we would apply for a statement with or without their help. At around the same time they were coming round to our way of thinking so they submitted the application. I’m glad they did, but also feel that the ‘parent voice’ is the strongest one in this process. Or at least it should be.

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