Life with an autistic son

This week my 3 year old son, who I will call B, was acknowledged as being autistic. This came from his speech and language therapist, rather than his paediatrician. As such it is not a formal diagnosis. However, his speech difficulties were identified as being a part of ‘wider underlying factors’. When asked, this was verbally confirmed as autism. This reinforces what we have thought for some time and what other people involved with B, such as his nursery, have also thought.

As such, I have decided to write a blog. I’m not sure what purpose it will have, other than acting as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings and being a record of life with an autistic 3 year old. I have never kept a diary before, so who knows how often and for how long I will use it? I thought a while back of writing it but decided to wait for that all important diagnosis from the paediatrician. That hasn’t happened yet, but I think the time is right.

I think I will write about the everyday occurances in B’s life, his medical ‘journey’ and a bit of background about him. I will also record my own development as I learn more about his condition. Up until now I have had my head buried firmly in the sand, unwilling to find out more in case it was unnecessary. I’ve started now to consider it more and this blog is a part of that.

Here goes!

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One Response to Life with an autistic son

  1. Steph says:

    I’ve come right back to the start and I’m sure I’ll be doing more reading. Somehow I found your blog post about Life with autistic sons, where you were questioning about a sibling, and that really struck a chord with me, as you’ll see if you get chance to pop over to my blog at ! I like your writing, and I can definitely sympathise with lots…!

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